Jo ManueleWeb Design by Jo is located in Norfolk, VA

It began in 1999 on Long Island, NY. After many years creating websites for my employers and many of my client’s requesting the need for a web presence, we began.

The company's range of services expanded from basic web design to web marketing solutions. We recommend to our clients how to have profitable and lasting customer relationships. We do this by understanding our client's business objectives and our client's customers.

We believe that the internet is becoming one of the most important communication channels between businesses and customers. Our mission is to help our clients maximize the effectiveness of the web as a well thought-out channel for their businesses.

Our company's mission statement "Your Vision is Our Mission" reflects the key principle of our operation. We don't just build websites or implement web marketing campaigns. We build solutions around your plan and your business objectives.

Successful web development starts with detailed planning and good communication. We analyze your needs as we know that every web site is unique. Our clients range from small businesses to, educational institutions, and non-profits in the United States, churches, and individuals.

Thank you for your interest in Web Design by Jo!

Jo Manuele



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